Commercial Hollow Metal Doors Can Be Repaired.

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Commercial Hollow Metal Doors CAN Be Repaired

Steel doors are built to last and typically provide 20 - 30 years of service. This is especially true if the door has been properly maintained. High traffic entry and exit steel doors do take a beating. Weather, vandalism, movers, or a bad installation can all take their toll. In this article we will answer the question,

“Can a commercial steel door should be repaired?”

Yes, Commercial steel doors can be repaired

The Steel Door Institute has outlined the evaluation process and things to be considered when determining whether to replace or repair.


Repairing a door is always going to be less expensive than complete replacement.


Entry, Exit and Stairwell doors take a beating. Scratches and small dents are bound to happen. Unsightly large dents can definitely be repaired.

Steps for repairing dents in metal doors

  1. Sand and clean the area around the dent
  2. Apply Bondo
  3. Sand and level Bondo
  4. Paint


Patching holes in steel doors can be a lower cost repair and save your budget. Holes that have compromised the core will lead to rusting and premature failure. Routine inspections are an integral part in maintaining metal doors.

Steps for patching holes in hollow metal doors

  1. Sand and prep the area by removing paint
  2. Weld patch material over the hole
  3. Grind and sand welds and patch material
  4. Paint

Hinge Alignment and Damage

There are dozens of different issues or misuse that can lead to hinge damage or failure. Swinging or hanging on the doors can create hinge sag. Improper door stops can quickly damage hinges and create clearance issues in the opening.

Performing a weld repair of the hinge supports is fairly straightforward and just a little more complicated than the previous patch repair.

Steps To Repair Hollow Metal Door and Frame Hinges

  1. Remove the door and the hinge reinforcement
  2. Drill welding holes in the frame
  3. Clamp hinge reinforcement to the frame
  4. Weld hinge reinforcement to the frame
  5. Grind the welds and paint prep
  6. Hang the door


Hollow Metal Door Frame Failure

A steel door is only as good as it’s frame. A damaged frame is dangerous and will prohibit a door from securely closing. This could be a huge security and fire code problem. Damaged frames almost always require replacement. The doors may be able to be repaired and reused.

Core Damage

The core of a metal door provides integrity and strength and security for all entry and exit applications. Core damage or failure can not be repaired so door replacement is your only option.


Hollow metal door delamination refers to the core breaking free from the steel faces. The result is the door loosing stiffness. The door will be flimsy under pressure. Placing your foot against the door while pulling the handle is a simple test. Delamination is likely if the you are able to move the door more than a ¼ inch. Delamination is a form of core failure and replacement is required.


Vandalism and forced entry are violent and the results can be catastrophic to entry metal doors.

  • Hardware latch damage
  • Core damage
  • Frame damage

Vandalism and forced entry typically result in the complete replacement of the door and frame. Upgrading to a stronger door(heavier gauge steel) may be something to consider.

Final Thoughts on Replacement and Repair

Steel doors are the workhorse of the commercial building industry. They are exposed to weather, vandalism and mistreatment. Call the Nstallers team for a free evaluation and budget plan for all your hollow metal doors. We can help facility and property managers with a complete condition report and then build a plan to return all doors to proper operating condition that fits within your budget.

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Repair and New Installations

Commercial door repair / replacement / installation is our life. Nstallers will send an expert to perform an inspection and develop a plan to have all your metal doors looking like new again. Click below to schedule an inspection or give us a call.


Repairs and Inspections


  • North Charlotte, NC
  • Inspection 4 Doors
  • Minor dent repairs and adjustments on 3 Doors

Self-Storage Facility

  • Charlotte Area
  • Damaged Door and Hardware
  • Replaced latch
  • Filled large dent and repainted

Shopping Center

  • Pineville, NC
  • Exterior door vandalism
  • Door was damaged beyond repair
  • Replaced hollow metal door and frame

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